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About Us

Our vision is to provide quality products for both men and women. With a focus on bringing couples closer together with intimate playtime at a great price.  

You will notice a lot of items, in our online store, can be used not only for self pleasure but, could be a great foreplay device.

Our Story:

Over the years we have lost several friends and family members to cancer.  Amongst those friends was one of the most amazing, fun-loving, big hearted, loved life, loved people, life of any party and a big adult toy lover, kind of woman!

I swear she was with me during my beach walk, one day, and gave me the name of Aphrodite's Playhouse.  As I did my research for business names and domains, sure enough the name was available.

Once the name was established, I then had a Master Graphics Designer, Jeremy Sharp from Sharp Arts, create a beautiful logo with what I thought Aphrodite would look like. 

Once he was finished creating her, I realized Aphrodite looked just like my friend, whom I lost to Cancer over a year ago. It occurred to me that my friend was, the Goddess of Love! She loved everyone! And was a free-spirited soul... Even though deceased, she is the master creator of :


With that being said, 10% of our profits from the sales on this site and through our home parties will be donated to Cancer Research, all the time!

Thank you for reading our story and we hope you enjoy "Aphrodite's Playhouse, LLC".